NoteToDo - Notes & To Do List & Widget

1,4 Million downloads

With the NoteToDo widget you can quickly write a note, make to-do list, sort your notes by topic, saving data. The widget is lightweight and provides a good performance. It has a checklist which may be useful for shopping.

Just add NoteToDo to the home screen like a sticker.

App included in the top-5 apps on November 2015: onliner.by

Number 1 in Top Users choice in August 2017: onliner.by

NoteToDo Lite - To Do List & Widget


With the NoteToDo widget you can quickly write a note, make to-do list, saving data. Widget is simple and does not load the system. 

It is the best "to do list" or memo. You can use it like notepad or notebook.

It is old popular version of NoteToDo widget with new design.

InsTik - Hashtags for promotion


The most simple and functional application for promoting photos and posts. The application contains a large number of popular hashtags. For convenience, they are divided into categories. You can add your own tags. There are buttons of popular social networks for quick access.

in Byn - Currency converter


The main currency converter for residents and visitors of Belarus.

Number 1 in the top-5 apps on June 2016 in Belarus: onliner.by

Manager for Houseplants


Home Manager for Plants will help you organize the care of plants (watering, spraying, fertilizing, pruning, grafting, treatment of diseases) and remind on time. There is a detailed description of care and treatment. Currently, the app contains 501 plants, but the data base will be increased. 
You can create your own plant and take care of it!

Motivation widget - Daily quote


App - Widget contains a large number of quotes in Russian and English. You can view them in the application or add a widget to your home screen. It is possible to change the background.


My name is Aleh and I'm an Android developer since 2014.

I have been involved in the creation about 26 apps & sdk for customers or my own.


I'm using the following stack for development:

Kotlin, Android SDK, MVVM, MVP, SOLID, Clean Architecture, Git, Coroutines or RxJava, WorkManager, Material Design, Room or any other ORM, Retrofit or native rest client, Dagger, Firebase, Billing library, Ads SDKs, Custom views, Widget, Android Jetpack, ExoPlayer, Reusable modules, Create a custom libraries.

Here are the part of apps that I developed and published under the brand Prilaga.

Feel free to download, test and rate them. Full list is available on Google Play.

in Tags - Hashtags Generator

1 Million downloads

in Tags is a hashtag generator that helps to create a unique set of hashtags for various social media. 
The app provides the hashtags for promotion in depend on frequency usage in 5 different ranges from low to high. Many experts use the frequency range feature to find trending hashtags for Instagram and TikTok in order to get more likes and followers for their brands.


Do you have an idea for a mobile application?
Do you want to expand your business?
I'm happy to help to realize your plans!

Just contact me.


Aleh Tarashkevich
Email:      ask@prilaga.com